A culture that sets us apart

OMERS Private Equity is defined by a shared sense of purpose, where qualities like humility, cooperation, inclusion, and respect are promoted at the leadership level and permeate throughout the business. We believe that fostering an inclusive and collaborative culture, where we embrace our differences and challenge one another to grow, is key to our success now and in the future.

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A place to grow and shine

OMERS Private Equity is a purpose-driven organization that empowers individuals to go above and beyond their expectations. Shared accountability is paramount and every member of the team, from leadership to recent graduates, has an opportunity to play a meaningful role. We believe that by valuing and rewarding people for their hard work, and providing them with tools to help build their skills, people can create successful careers.

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Work with the best

People who choose to work at OMERS Private Equity do so knowing they are going to be continually inspired and supported by their colleagues to achieve incredible things together. The opportunity to grow professionally while playing a significant role in contributing to the success of the portfolio, and to the pension promise, means that OMERS Private Equity will continue to attract the best talent from around the world.

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“OMERS Private Equity is a top talent destination due to our strong track record, collaborative culture and clearly defined purpose.”

"OMERS Private Equity smashes all the traditional stereotypes associated with the industry. It's a place where collaboration and relationships are prioritized, and one person’s success is shared and celebrated because everyone is working toward a common and noble goal"

“Working at OMERS Private Equity means I have the runway to grow and learn in an environment where I can bring forward new ideas, ask for opportunities and take on significant responsibility.”

How we create a culture of inclusion

OMERS Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) strategy is governed by a global I&D Council of senior leaders, and is supported by business-level committees and employee resource groups globally. Rooted in building a strong culture of belonging within our communities, the strategy focuses on embedding inclusion into our business strategy, building inclusive leadership skills within the organization, seeking and accelerating diverse talent, and more. Inclusion fosters an engaging environment and diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences improves our decision-making. Here's how we bring this culture to life at OMERS Private Equity:


Educational workshops, data & benchmarking analysis and quarterly I&D book club discussions that help advance our I&D priorities

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Continuously work with our third-party service providers and portfolio companies to create a more equal and equitable ecosystem

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Champion the hiring, development and promotion of employees from diverse backgrounds

Meet our team

Our team sets us apart. Diversity, experience and world-class talent drive great results.

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